HaskellX 2016 Conference & Hackathon

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I just spent four days hanging with the (very international) Haskell community in London.

First I attended the two-day Haskell eXchange conference. This was in fact my very first conference! I watched talks on a range of topics, ranging from notation for category theory to the use of Haskell for games and web development, and even got hands-on in a workshop. Good fun! The highlights were of course the keynotes (I was left mind-blown by this one). All the videos are now available online.

After that, there was HaskellXHack, a two-day hackathon focused on improving the Haskell infrastructure (Hackage, Cabal, etc.). I paired up with another developer to contribute to Hackage; we looked at a couple issues around rendering webpage content and raised pull requests to fix them.

It was great seeing many friendly, familiar faces from Munich and Utrecht. I’ll definitely be back next year!