Radio => Spotify Playlists

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Listify is a Web app that combines information from the BBC radio schedule with the Spotify API, to automate the creation of Spotify playlists from radio shows.

I was motivated to build it because I realised that what I love about the radio shows that I listen to is the music, and not the filler content in between (talk, ad breaks, etc.), and so by using Listify, I could distil those shows and extract that desired essence.

This project was a great way to learn a bunch of technologies from the world of isomorphic Javascript: Node.js, Express.js, React,  moment.js, cheerio and MongoDB (thank goodness for async/await). I also dived into DevOps by using Docker and Ansible.

To use Listify, just login with your Spotify account and get going! Check it out in action here, and find the source code here!