Applied Functional Programming @ Utrecht

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For two weeks in July, I attended the Utrecht Summer School in Applied Functional Programming at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. It was taught by some of the leading academics in the field of functional programming, and combined a good mix of theory and practice. Overall, a very informative and enjoyable experience!

I worked on several theoretical exercises and mini-projects, all implemented in Haskell, and you can find the source code here! I’ve hooked the Github repo up with Travis CI to build the code and run the tests (compilation is a big deal in Haskell). Note: if you setup a Haskell project on Travis, be sure to read this to avoid any GHC version trouble!

Aside: among the code, there is an implementation of the board game Mastermind (with tests written in HUnit and QuickCheck). Amusingly, there is an MTV reality show loosely based on this game!