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MuniHac Hackathon

September 05, 2016. less than 1 minute read

I’ve just returned from MuniHac, a three-day Haskell hackathon in Munich, Germany. It was hosted by the good people at TNG and Well-Typed.

Higher-rank Polymorphism

July 31, 2016. 1 minute read

On the functional programming course I attended, I learnt about some interesting parts of Haskell’s type system. I figured I’d write a blog post*.

Applied Functional Programming @ Utrecht

July 16, 2016. less than 1 minute read

For two weeks in July, I attended the Utrecht Summer School in Applied Functional Programming at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. It was taught by some...

Radio => Spotify Playlists

June 21, 2016. less than 1 minute read

Listify is a Web app that combines information from the BBC radio schedule with the Spotify API, to automate the creation of Spotify playlists from radio sho...

Bloom filter

May 17, 2016. less than 1 minute read

A cool data structure that I’ve come across in the past, but have not yet had a chance to use directly is a Bloom filter. It’s a probabilistic data structure...