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Bloom filter

May 17, 2016. less than 1 minute read

A cool data structure that I’ve come across in the past, but have not yet had a chance to use directly is a Bloom filter. It’s a probabilistic data structure...

Eight Queens Puzzle

May 02, 2016. less than 1 minute read

After reading this inspiring blog by Haseeb Q, I decided to have a go at coding some solutions to the eight queens puzzle. You can find my source code here (...

Oxford-London coach times SPA

April 11, 2016. less than 1 minute read

I built a SPA to conveniently display Oxford-London coach departure times. It’s actually a very popular coach route.

Machine Learning on Coursera

January 09, 2016. less than 1 minute read

I recently completed the Machine Learning course on Coursera, taught by Andrew Ng (an excellent teacher). It was a good way to refresh my knowledge on machin...

2015 Retrospective Reading List

December 30, 2015. less than 1 minute read

As the year draws to end, I’ve been reflecting on the all the new things I’ve learnt. Below is a list of some of the good books I’ve read over the last year,...